This product is a unique blend of slug and snail bait additives with an iron phosphate active ingredient.  The iron phosphate is used as an ingredient in fertilizers and occurs in soil. The bait is attractive to snails and slugs and lures the

For use on the following crops: Deciduos Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables and Roses amongst others For use on the following pests: Mites, Aphids, Fruit Fly, American Bollworm, Snout Beetle and Coddling moth amongst others A natural oil extracted

For use on the following crops: Vegetables, Ornamentals and Citrus For use on the following pests: Red spider mites, Australian bug and Aphids amongst others A Broad Spectrum contact insecticide. The active ingredients consist of natural pl

For use on: Aphids, Ants, American bollworm, Red Spider Mite, Thrips, Beetles and Wood-eating termites amongst others Harvesting of edible crops 48 hours after last application Canola oil kills on contact by means of suffocation Garlic preve

Plant disease control of: Black spot, Bacterial blight, Bacterial spot, Downy mildew, Early blight, Leaf curl, Scabs, Rust and Powdery mildew.

A water dispersible granule biological larvicide. Covers a breeding area of +- 1000m2. Does not harm bees, fish, birds, earthworms or wildlife. Can be applied over mosquito breeding areas like fish ponds and marsh areas in the home garden.

Controls aphids, red spider mite, whitefly (small bodied insects) Canola oil kills targeted small bodied insects on contact Formulated from food grade garlic and canola oil Garlic prevents insects from landing on plants. Canola oil can onl

Use on roses, ornamentals, herbs and peas Induces the accumulation of common phenolic compounds which assist in the fight against pathogenic fungi No secondary poisoning Harvesing of edible crops 24 hours after last application Kills patho

For use on the following pests: Lawn Caterpillar, American Bollworm, Semi-looper, Diamond-back Moth Larvae, Lilyborer, Pine Tree Emperor Moth Larvae, Lucerne Caterpillar and Leafroller amongst others No harm to: bees, birds, fish, pets, benefici